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Bike Of The Day: Moto Guzzi Le Mans III “Maschine 12” By Kaffeemaschine

Coffee Maker, a renowned custom motorcycle repair shop, is known for producing Moto Guzzi Cafe Racers which are highly sought after in the custom motorcycle community for their minimalist design and emphasis on performance and reliability. Their bikes have gained popularity in Germany, the US and beyond.

This particular build started with a standard Le Mans 3, a popular choice for cafe racer enthusiasts worldwide. The project was commissioned by William Connor, a Californian who wanted a classic ’60s café racer look with some modern features like working brakes.

The team stripped the bike down to the bolts and rebuilt the engine with 1040cc pistons and cylinders, a balanced crank, lightened flywheel and clutch, twin spark heads, sport camshaft and valves, electronic ignition and new carburetors .

The frame was modified and fitted with the rebuilt engine, a custom exhaust and a hand built WBO alloy fuel tank. The seat was also handcrafted in leather to complement the tank. To improve performance and safety, the front and rear brakes have been upgraded with modern pumps, stainless steel lines and a coffee maker rear torque arm. The forks have also been upgraded with new tubes and FAC dampers.

To add a modern twist to the retro design, the team replaced the original analogue gauges with a new Motogadget digital gauge, which is becoming increasingly popular in the custom motorcycle community.

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As with all coffee machines, the attention to detail is top-notch, leading some to suggest Moto Guzzi hire Axel and his team to develop their new line of models.




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