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Democrats were on fire in the House on Thursday

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 25: House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) joins fellow House Democrats, some of whom are military veterans, for a news conference to highlight the potential negative effects of a national bankruptcy on the Veterans Services at the US Capitol Visitor Center on May 25, 2023 in Washington, DC.  Jeffries continued to insist "extreme MAGA Republicans" drive the Congress forward "on a dangerous path of insolvency." (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) joins fellow House Democrats, some of whom are military veterans, for a news conference to highlight the potential negative impact a federal bankruptcy could have on veterans.

The country could default on June 1 if Congress doesn’t take action to raise the debt ceiling or if President Joe Biden doesn’t take unilateral action. Despite the tight deadline, despite the fact that there is no indication that anyone has put pen to paper to write the legislation that will get us out of this mess, and despite the fact that the most vulnerable are panicking, like they will get through the coming month, spokesman Kevin McCarthy Let the Republicans leave Washington on Thursday. Officially, they have until June 5th off because of Memorial Day, which the rest of the nation will celebrate in just one day, May 29th. They were told to be ready to come back with a day’s notice, so that’s it.

Dozens of Democrats stayed after their peers split –88 of them even, possibly a house record. They used the “one-minute” portion of speaking time in the House of Representatives to remind their colleagues of their obligation to the American people — including the veterans they are said to be honoring with this long pause — and to the Constitution.

Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries got a standing ovation for his comments, “We have never threatened to default on our debts.” They have worked with the Trump administration three times to avoid a default, he said, “despite the fact that in our 247-year history, country 25% of the country’s debt has been accumulated in the four years of the Trump administration.”

“But it’s still a few days before America can’t pay our bills because you’ve politically calculated that you’ll be successful in 2024 when the economy collapses,” Jeffries continued. “That’s wrong. That’s cruel. That’s un-American.”

Speaker Emeritus Nancy Pelosi focused on what Republicans are doing to veterans on this holiday. “This weekend, this nation will celebrate Memorial Day to honor our fallen heroes and their families,” Pelosi said. “Rather than honoring our veterans, Republicans, on the other hand, will shamefully spend the weekend inflicting suffering on our brave veterans.” She said that “Republicans have forced Americans down a treacherous path” into either accepting their “extreme proposal.” , which would eliminate 30 million health visits for our veterans and slash Veterans Administration revenue,” or “trigger a catastrophic default that would force them.” Our nation should educate veterans of the benefits they deserve.”

The leading constitutional scholar in Congress, Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, reminded the Republicans that the Constitution states, “The validity of the national debt shall not be questioned.” We have made a commitment to every Social Security recipient in America, Medicare and Medicaid recipients, veterans, and bondholders of the United States that we will so will settle as required fiscally, morally, politically and constitutionally.” But Donald Trump “ordered” the default, and that’s what Republicans are doing. “I want to introduce the MAGA Republicans, who split today, but raised the debt ceiling three times under Donald Trump, which gave us a quarter of all the United States debt between George Washington and Joe Biden.” Raskin continued, “I want to introduce you to the United States Constitution, the validity of the national debt must not be questioned be asked.”

Ohio Rep. Joyce Beatty, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, appeared Share some facts before being silenced by the Republican chairman of the chamber, who literally turned off Beatty’s microphone as she finished her remarks. “Madam Speaker, fact. Republicans went home,” Beatty said. “In fact, her side of the chamber is empty. The fact is they don’t want to negotiate and are holding our economy hostage to a ransom demand of partisan demands. The fact of the matter is they are taking millions from Medicaid, firing teachers, removing children from childcare, and depriving our families of food aid.”

Illinois Rep. Sean Casten was short and sweet: McCarthy is a hypocrite. “I want to commend Speaker McCarthy’s July 2019 version,” he said. “Where are these brave, principled souls now? The answer, Madam Speaker, as you know, is not here.”

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez from New York damn republicans who “decided to leave town” after “issued a bill” that they no longer want to pay. “Not only that, they accuse the Democrats of overspending. I would ask anyone who has this thought to think about the last time someone in this country said the government is doing too much for them. That her Social Security check was too high. That teachers are paid too much.”

That’s a lot of stuff for Republicans to think about when they go to their Memorial Day parades and picnics, and it was eloquently about the men and women who sacrificed everything for this country. Not that she it actually will Think about it, but it’s not because you don’t stand up for the Democrats.



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