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Hello Tomorrow! main titles | Communication Arts

Answers from Ronnie Koff, Creative Director, imaginary forces.

Background: We created a title sequence to show the vastness of Apple TV+’s sci-fi drama Hello morning! and its universe. We set the table for this retrofuturistic tale with a hypnotic flare.

Design thinking: The show’s main character, Jack Billings – played by actor Billy Crudup – heavily influenced the title sequence. He’s playing a salesman, so we wanted to play with that in the design and make the sequence an expression of the invention he’s selling.

Challenges: Since then, we’ve really wanted to go against the grain of traditional dark, moody design for a drama series Hello morning! has a comedic sensibility. We bring the innovative retro feel of this era to life and set the tone for a wide range of storytelling ideas. The title sequence is colorful and charming, but still mysterious and flawed.

favorite details: If you look closely throughout the sequence, you can see the logo of APP, the manufacturing company in the show’s alternate universe. It’s a fun detail that might go unnoticed.

Visual influences: We took inspiration from the work of Charles and Ray Eames and the 1964 New York World’s Fair to sell the story of the imagination of that era.

Specific project requirements: Each vignette references ideas and themes tied into the show. Even the hand near the end of the sequence has meaning that will pay off later.

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