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House Republicans Have Parkland Dad Arrested At Hearing

House Republicans had Parkland father Manuel Oliver removed from a hearing and arrested for shouting during a board oversight hearing that Republicans say he tried to reenter.

Video of Oliver’s arrest:

NBC News reported that Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) said: “We have asked Capitol Police to remove them. They were then removed and then one decided to come back in while we were still being beaten in and disrupted the hearing. We had a break then. Capitol Police were taken down in the hallway outside and now we’re back on the job.”

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Fallon said during the hearing: “Is this a riot? So will they stick to the same one – I don’t want another 6th of January, do I?”

A man who lost his child in one of the worst shootings in American history has been compared to the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol, assaulted law enforcement officers and attempted to stage a coup for Donald Trump.

It’s shocking that Manuel Oliver was arrested. Republicans did more in this hearing to stop the father of a mass shooting victim than they did to hold the Trump terrorists of 1/6 accountable.

Mr Oliver should not have been arrested and handcuffed on the ground. The whole situation was wrong.As Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) put it: “The same people who want you arrested and put in jail want to go to DC jail this week to get the January 6 terrorists out.”

The Republican Party is more interested in it arrest prosecutors and grieving parents than to do anything to protect America and Americans.



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