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Japanese custom builder involved in new Indian FTR project

Indian Motorcycle UK has announced a new collaboration with Sideburn magazine to develop a custom Indian FTR.

flat route Run plays a significant role in the history of both Indian FTR and Sideburn magazines. The Indian FTR is the model with the Indian competes in the American Flat Track, and Sideburn was born out of its creator Gary Inman’s love of flat track racing. The parallels are clear.

Also involved in the collaboration will be Japanese customizer Toshiyuki “Cheetah” Osawa, who has worked with Indian on several custom Projects from his Cheetah Custom Cycles workshop in Tokyo.

The progress of the build, from inception to its unveiling at the Bike Shed Show London, will be documented in a series of videos to be published on the Indian EMEA Youtube Page. The first video of the series, featuring flat track racer Leah Tokelove, can be viewed below.

Gary Inman, Founder of Sideburn said, “Sideburn grew out of my love for flat track racing and the aesthetics of the sport, so our relationship with Indian Motorcycle, who absolutely dominate the sport, has always been a natural connection. The opportunity to work with Indian Motorcycle and my favorite custom builder is a real highlight in Sideburn’s history and I can’t wait to bring Cheetah’s sketches to life.

“Despite the very different custom scene in Japan, Cheetah and I agree and we are very keen to create a custom that, while celebrating the motorcycle cultures of the US, UK and Japan, still retains all of the great elements that it is what makes the FTR such a desirable motorcycle.

“Aside from the plan to add some select components, the real highlight for me will be when Cheetah flies to the UK to fit the aluminum bodywork that he will be making in Japan.”

Indian Motorcycle UK’s Claire D’auria added: “We’ve always had a great relationship with Gary and Sideburn and when the idea for this FTR build was first discussed we all knew it was going to be a very special project .

“It is also very exciting to have Cheetah involved in the project and bringing his highly creative design and manufacturing skills to the FTR. I can’t wait to see the reactions at the Bike Shed Show in May.”

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