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Juxtapoz Magazine – A Portfolio: Park Sun-Kyo

As we do a few times a week on, we present ours A portfolio series, this time with a Korean painter, Park Sun Kyo. The Seoul-based artist came onto our radar in 2019 and as the pandemic continued his work became even more refined, powerfully bold and deeply in touch with the characters’ personalities.

His work has been featured in several exhibitions including Familia, WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong (2021); Summer Camp, GR Gallery, New York (2021); Fresh, Padre Gallery, New York (2021); Nice Boys Live Forever, Moosey Art, London (2021); Eulji Art Fair (2020); Shinwa Auction, Tricera Gallery (2020); 모락모락展 (Morak Morak), iLHO Gallery, South Korea (2020); Ultimate3, Lydia Gallery, Seoul (2020); Objects, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea (2020); SEEA 2019, Seongnam Arts Center, South Korea (2019); KOREA, Piccadilly International Art Museum, South Korea (2019) and Young Creative Korea 2018, Ara Art Center, Seoul (2018).



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