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OpenAI announces plugins for ChatGPT, connecting the chatbot to other services

Rather than scouring the entire web, OpenAI tries to help you meet your needs a little better by embedding the language model into other services via plugins.

in one blog entry, OpenAI announced the launch of plugins for their popular ChatGPT language model to give users a wider range of possible use cases. The company says that plugins give the chatbot the ability to “access up-to-date information, perform calculations, or use third-party services.”

According to OpenAI, the company has already worked with a small number of companies to create plugins. It says it’s also invited some of the plugin developers who are part of the waiting list to start building their own integrations. Companies like Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, KAYAK, Klarna, Milo, OpenTable, Shopify, Slack, Speak, Wolfram, and Zapier have already developed plugins for ChatGPT for those with access to test.

Expedia, for example, says you can use its plugin to “bring your travel plans to life — get there, stay there, find things to see and do.” Instacart says you can use its plugin to “order from your favorite local grocery stores.” So while the general use cases are the same, the plugins allow you to do this directly from ChatGPT instead of having to switch between separate websites or apps.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, took to Twitter to share a demo of how using plugins with ChatGPT is. In the example, Altman used the Wolfram plugin to calculate the distance between Earth and Jupiter:

The company noted that not everyone will have access to plugins right away, but will start with a “small group” of users, including “for plugin developers, ChatGPT users, and after an alpha phase, API users who want to integrate plugins.” their products.” It says it will roll out plugins more widely at some point, but doesn’t give a timeline as to when that might be.

The announcement comes the same week that Opera announced it brings ChatGPT and other AI features to both browsers. Microsoft too brought GPT-4 to its Azure OpenAI service this week.



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