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Six years of Nintendo Switch has brought nothing but joy




1-2 Switch – it’s nothing if not different (Image: Nintendo)

As the Nintendo switch celebrates its sixth anniversary, a reader looks back on his story with the console and its many unusual experiences.

With the Nintendo Switch recently celebrated its sixth birthday, wow that really flew by didn’t it?

I look back on what I’ve done as a player over the past six years.

Now I own one Xbox Series S with Game Pass and I love it, but when it comes to gaming in general I want to be challenged in the most unorthodox of ways.

I want to approach new games with a child’s eyes and know that I’ve never done anything like this before, for better or for worse.

I like new experiences, isn’t that what a gamer is all about?

Do things that are not common for most people?

From the beginning, 1-2 switches got me pretending to eat a baguette off a controller and this game that had you trying to count how many balls rolling around in your joy-con? That itself was a piece of gaming magic, I don’t care what you think of 1-2 Switch or the console itself. That was pure genius.

Then a few years later Nintendo Lab came out. It got a bad rap for being overpriced sheets of cardboard (which it was), but anyone who’s ever put one of these kits together will tell you that it’s almost like an engineering feat.

It was clever, it was robust, and it certainly wasn’t unlike anything players had seen before, and it worked.

It’s even dabbled in VR, with impressive results.

to digress Nintendo has teamed up with Legonot a bad move for either company, and I found myself making Lego playsets of Mario and his buddies.

Then it hit me, I’ve spent most of my last few years as a player with a smile on my face and doing ridiculously stupid things that only matter to me.

I’ve become that kid again, only this time I can afford it and what a great time I had.

It’s been a strange generation for Nintendo, that’s for sure. They started out with a lot of people writing them off, but they did their own thing and it worked out for them.

Much of the success comes from Wii U ports. That says a lot more about the perception of a product than the quality of its software (but that’s another feature – in case anyone wants to dig into that?)

Nintendo is definitely moving away from being just a gaming company with its new movie and theme parks.

Still, they manage to make me smile with their intuition.

My point is that as a gaming fanatic I’ve spent a lot of my time over the past few years not actually playing games but just enjoying what develops out of it. I had a smile on my face the whole time and that’s really what it’s about.

Now I look forward to setting mine Joy-Con in a toilet paper roll and rolling it over my Homer Simpson tablet because I’m a big kid and why the hell not?

From the reader highway 77

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Apple reportedly plans to bid for English Premier League streaming rights




Once again Apple has been rumored to be bidding for the streaming rights of English Premier League football as the Cupertino firm plans to expand its sports offering. This time, Bloomberg reports that Apple wants the rights to stream the Premier League and other lower division games in the UK.

earlier the Daily Mail said that Apple unveiled the documentary The War of Footballwhich is about the European Super League was a way for the company to show that it has “dipped its toe in the Premier League market”.

However, the league is still in the middle of its three-year deal with Sky Sports and BT Sport, which expires in 2025. AppleTVPlus and other providers could start bidding for the Premier League rights later this year.

Sky Sports has had the rights to this league since 1992 and it would mark an important paradigm shift if Apple can seal the deal for 2026. With Major League Soccer, Apple TV Plus will offer subscribers the ability to watch the games in all regions, with streaming available.

As previously reported by Reported Mediasthat was one of the reasons why Apple pulled out of the NFL Sunday Dealas it could not stream the games internationally and could not access in-market games.

For Major League Soccer, on the other hand, Apple and the league will collaborate on marketing as the Apple TV logo will appear on every MLS team jersey alongside international availability. The season pass will be available to subscribers from next month and could give a hint of what Apple would offer to the Premier League deal.

Aside from that, Apple has also been streaming Friday Night Baseball since 2022, featuring games from the Major Baseball League. The games are available at no additional cost to Apple TV Plus subscribers and The new season will continue next month.

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Chapter 4’ Hits Rotten Tomatoes With Franchise-High Score




Action movie fans have a treat in store this month as the highly anticipated fourth installment of the John Wick Franchise is set to hit theaters. With Keanu Reeves, John Wick: Chapter 4 has already won the hearts of critics as it currently holds an impressive 94% rating on popular movie review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.

According to the Critics’ Consensus on Rotten Tomatoes: “John Wick: Chapter 4 piles on more of everything – and suggests there can never be too much when it comes to a well-dressed Keanu Reeves taking down enemies in deadly balletic style.” The statement perfectly sums up what fans of the series have come to expect from the John Wick Series.

John Wick is a hugely successful action franchise that has garnered the attention and admiration of audiences worldwide. The films revolve around the character of John Wick, a retired hitman who is forced to return to his old life when he is targeted by a group of ruthless assassins. They are known for their intense action sequences, stunning cinematography and a powerful performance by Keanu Reeves.

Chapter 4 is the first non-penned film in the Lionsgate franchise John Wick Creator Derek Kolstad, with Shay Hatten and Michael Finch handling writing duties for the project. The production of the film already started in June 2021 Main photography packaging in October of the same year. Filming took place in Europe, Japan and New York.

Keanu Reeves and other John Wick cast members recently joined the cast of the spin-off film ballerina. The project is led by underworld And Live free or die hard Helmer Len Wiseman, starring Ana de Armas.

While ballerina has no release date yet, John Wick: Chapter 4 is currently scheduled to hit theaters on March 24, 2023. Reeves and McShane direct the film Chapter 4 Cast also includes Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, Laurence Fishburne, Lance Reddick, Clancy Brown, Marko Zaror, Scott Adkins, Hiroyuki Sanada, Shamier Anderson and Rina Sawayama.

In addition to ballerina And John Wick: Chapter 4Lionsgate is also working on The Continental, a spin-off series exploring the origins of Ian McShane’s Winston Scott. Colin Woodell plays Winston, with a supporting cast that includes Ayomide Adegun, Peter Greene, Mel Gibson, Ben Robson, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Jessica Allain, Mishel Prada and Nhung Kate. The series premieres on Peacock in 2023.

Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the John Wick Series and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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Teresa Giudice Defends Luis Ruelas After His Comment About Wearing Her Father’s Pajamas




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