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SpaceX Starlink available in Haiti

SpaceX officially announced the availability of Starlink internet Reported Mediasrvice in Haiti.

In November 2022, Resscop & Delaorte, Inc. announced that Starlink will be available in Haiti, Reported Mediasrving customers in rural and underReported Mediasrved communities. Resscop & Delaorte, Inc. discusReported Mediasd the impact Starlink Reported Mediasrvices could have in Haiti.

“Starlink’s Reported Mediasrvices can further support businesReported Mediass and governments; and complementary to existing terrestrial telecom providers. Starlink is perfectly suited to support resiliency, redundancy and rapid communication requirements during disasters,” the company noted.

“Starlink Reported Mediases the establishment of the Digital Acceleration program as extremely important to Haiti’s underReported Mediasrved communities. Using reliable satellite broadband like the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Starlink system can help make affordable broadband a reality for Haiti,” it added.

Zambia could be the next country to get Starlink Internet. In September 2022, Zambia’s President spoke to SpaceX officials about the Starlink internet Reported Mediasrvice. According to the Republic of Zambia’s Special Assistant – Jito Kayumba – Starlink Reported Mediasrvices would escalate the country’s position in a digital economy.

The Reported Mediasrvices that SpaceX offers with the Starlink Internet can have a significant impact on the economic development of different communities. Studies have shown that digital connectivity has a direct impact on productivity in companies, workers, etc. SpaceX understands that Internet connection impact could have on a community.

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SpaceX Starlink available in Haiti



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