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Tips to ease Memorial Day weekend travel through Sea-Tac airport

So you’re flying out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport this Memorial Day weekend?

You’re among the millions of Americans taking to the skies on the holiday weekend, the start of one of the busiest summer travel seasons.

AAA projected 42.3 million people travel more than 50 miles from home, up 7% year-on-year. Of these, 3.39 million people are expected to fly, up 11% this year and 5.4% more than in pre-pandemic 2019.

At Sea-Tac, Memorial Day weekend passenger numbers are expected to match 2019 levels, plus or minus 1% to 2%. said the airport online. Traffic at the airport will be around 20% higher than last year.

The airport is expected to be full by Monday. The busiest days are likely to be May 19th and 26th, followed by May 18th and 25th.

You’ve heard the horror stories about airport traffic and even the security lines stretching all the way to the parking lot – but how can you avoid getting caught up in your own airport nightmare?

Here are some Port of Seattle recommendations to make your airport trip more predictable and efficient—and best of all, they’re free!

before you arrive

To keep up to date with flight delays and cancellations, visit Passengers can also check daily airport delays and cancellations on the tracking website FlightAware.

To check weather conditions at Sea-Tac, the National Weather Service, which has a station at the airport, says Visit its website for the latest conditions and forecast.

If you’re going to Sea-Tac, you should download this Washington State Department of Transportation app, available on iOS and Android platforms. The app shows you the best route and updates you on traffic conditions on all freeways in the Seattle and Tacoma area. The app also provides ferry schedules and tolls, mountain pass information and construction updates.

You can also look at that drive cameras Check the airport’s website to see how busy Upper Departures Drive and Lower Arrivals Drive are while planning your drop-off and pickup.

If you haven’t thought about parking yet, you’re already out of luck. Pre-booked parking spaces at the airport were sold out from Thursday morning until June 1st. Pre-reservation does not reserve a seat, rather travelers can prepay for a seat and often receive a saving compared to the presale price. The airport does not offer parking reservations.

If you are thinking about parking, the airport recommends allowing an additional 45 to 60 minutes to find a spot. There is a new automated parking guidance system This will help you find a spot with lights indicating available stalls.

Time saving at security check

SEA spot saver is an appointment program available to all Sea-Tac passengers for security screening. Like CLEAR, Global Entry and TSA Precheck, the SEA Spot Saver has its own lane of security checkpoints, allowing you to bypass the general boarding queues.

The airport recommends using SEA Spot Saver Reserve an appointment up to 72 hours before your flight because the places are limited. Appointments are possible between one and four hours before departure. If you are traveling with a group, up to 10 passengers can be booked under one appointment.

Passengers can also register at the airport by scanning a QR code on SEA Spot Saver signs located throughout the airport.

Then all you have to do is show up at your assigned checkpoint at the agreed time to bypass the security line. There is a grace period of 15 minutes for each appointment.

SEA Spot Saver can be used between 5am and 10pm at checkpoints 2, 3 and 5 leading to all gates.

The MyTSA app, available on iOS and Android platforms, can help passengers find out what items they can get through security and get 24/7 information on how to prepare for security and get through it quickly. Travelers can use the app to request live assistance from the Transportation Security Administration, check airport checkpoint wait times, and sign up for TSA precheck.

MyTSA also includes daily tips for security screening, packing and traveling with children.

At the airport

The FlySEA app is available on iOS and Android platforms. With the app, passengers can:

  • Check wait times at TSA security checkpoints.
  • Look for places in the airport like airline clubs and lounges, the massage bar, restaurants, the meditation room and more.
  • Find arriving and departing flights, check gates and check if flights are on time.
  • Take a photo of your car and the floor, row and slot number if you parked in the airport garage.
  • Calculate your walking time to places in the airport, e.g. B. to the next coffee bar or your gate.
  • Get up-to-date information about your flight and any changes.

Passengers can text YES1 to 27829 to receive periodic updates and notifications on Sea-Tac operations and services. Passengers can also find updates Sea-Tac’s Facebook And Twitter Pages.

Try it to avoid the hassle of maneuvering your luggage through long lines at airport restaurants Order SEA. This mobile ordering service allows passengers to order food for pickup at 20 airport restaurants including McDonald’s, Hachi-Ko, Ballard Brew Hall, Rel’Lish Burger Lounge and Pei Wei.

Passengers can place orders at Or pay by phone via the FlySEA app and choose a pickup time. Delivery for OrderSEA is currently unavailable, but the airport is working on returning this feature.

If you are looking for a lounge to relax in, lounge buddy provides travel guides and reviews of all Sea-Tac airport and airline lounges. The app, available on iOS and Android platforms, shows which lounges passengers have access to and the hours and amenities of each lounge. You can make a reservation through the app.



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