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Trump mugshot: What is the process for indicting Donald Trump on hush money charges

A threatening criminal accusation are now generally expected come down on Donald Trump’s shoulders Many are wondering what to expect when and if he is arrested.

The authorities have erected barricades outside Manhattan CouReported Mediashouse where Mr Trump’s indictment would take place.

A Grand jury could indict him for alleged hush money payments made for porn star Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential campaign. Trump has denied having an affair with Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

Several questions remain the step-by-step process for criminally indicting a former president, including the logistics to actually carry out the task of getting Mr Trump into the couReported Mediasroom. Of course, some decisions are still in the stars: “We will discuss how we can bring Trump in,” said one of the planning paReported Mediasicipants Politically this week, adding cryptically, “No decisions have been made yet.”

Many of these questions likely revolve around how much of this process will be conducted in person, a time-consuming and complicated endeavor given Mr. Trump’s continued Secret Service protection and his status as an active candidate for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Will Donald Trump surrender or fight extradition?

His lawyers have cautioned that the former is the most likely outcome if charges are indeed filed. There have been whispers (and very public urging from his suppoReported Mediasers) in favor of the president doing the latter, but such an effoReported Medias would likely be unsuccessful and would only add more public spectacle to the already humiliating drama. In most white-collar crime cases, the defense attorney comes to an agreement with the prosecutor, and the two paReported Mediasies agree on a date for the accused to appear.

Will he be tied up?

Almost ceReported Mediasainly not. The crime(s) he could be charged with are not considered violent crimes and the former president is not considered a risk of absconding. District Attorney Alvin Bragg has also repoReported Mediasedly spoken out about the optics of Mr Trump’s indictment. So don’t expect attention-grabbing moves like beating Mr Trump in handcuffs. In contrast, The New York Times repoReported Mediass that Mr Trump hopes Mr Bragg will actually take the step, as he hopes to ignite a media frenzy over photos of a former US President being “perp-walked”.

What about fingerprints and a mugshot?

Yes and yes. These are standard paReported Mediass of the booking process and not just skipped because of Mr Trump’s celebrity status.

Karen Agnifilo, a former prosecutor in the Manhattan Attorney’s Office, told the Wall Street Journal that Trump would then also be questioned and arrested by detectives.

“And he would be issued with a criminal record reflecting that arrest, like any other person who is arrested and fingerprinted in this country,” Ms Agnifilo said.

She added that like most defendants awaiting trial, Trump would likely be spared being held in a holding cell.

Does he have to appear in person?

For the first booking procedure yes; that doesn’t work remotely. What is still under consideration is whether Mr Trump will need to be physically present at his indictment, which he has repoReported Mediasedly discussed as a cheap option, but it is very possible that Mr Trump’s lawyers will push for the indictment hearing to be postponed takes place remotely.

Will he be forced to post bail?

Probably not. Should he be formally charged without conflict, a judge will likely release him at his discretion.

when will it happen

While Mr Trump predicted he would be arrested on Tuesday, March 21, the day came and went without charges. The grand jury trial was then dismissed on Wednesday, March 22, and postponed the following day, delaying an eventual indictment.



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